二の丸のご案内 Information of Ninomaru

二の丸 Ninomaru







Ninomaru is the next important district after Honmaru, therefore generally citadels have it with large scale or with many facilities. However, in case of Hiroshima Castle, the district for Ninomaru is small. It is considered that it was originally built as Umadashi. Umadashi indicates the section constructed near the gateway. It defensed the gateway and also served as the base point when Samurai sally out.
After the modern period, there were still Main Gate, Hira-Yagura(One-story turret), Tamon-Yagura (Hall turret), and Taiko-Yagura inside the Ninomaru, however, those were all lost except for stone walls, by the atomic bomb in 1945. Ninomaru, as well as Honmaru, were designated as historic landmark in 1953. That made Ninomaru legally the subject of preservation.

完成した二の丸復元建物 Completed reconstruction of Ninomaru


Reconstruction of Ninomaru was started in June 1989, then finished on December 28th 1991. Reconstruction of Hirayagura(one-storey turret), Tamonyagura(hall turret),Taikoyagura(drum turret), and western Hei(fence)were started in Decenmber in 1991, then finished on August 31st 1994.
Inside of each turrets are now open to pubulic viewing.